Made In The Dark

IceCream Seducing (by BestVines)

Check out Grizzly Bear and Majical Cloudz at the Ritz Ybor tonight


Grizzly Bear
Majical Cloudz

@ The Ritz Ybor - Wednesday, June 19th!
Doors: 7PM

Get tickets!

Dear Made in the Dark crew,

….Thanks for sending the great shines of noise out to all us assorted, greasy-meat-faces everywhere….

Best, Julia!

Thanks Julia for the awesome postcard! That artwor should be our new logo!

Dmeatree twerking.

(Note: Twerking is very difficult.)


The Hood Internet’s “I’m A Flirt (Shoreline)” (R. Kelly vs. The Broken Social Scene)

Via Cokemachineglow

Watch R.Kelly get beat up in Down Low

Autechre & The Washing Mashine (by Kirill Bacherikov)

Brian McKnight If You’re Ready To Learn (Full Version) (by Lashuntrice Bradley)

WHY has music gone to a pit of garbage/fire? (by zombadude)

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Goatbeatbox (by Salazaren)

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