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Who’s going to see the Phantogram show this Sunday June 29th at the Ritz in Ybor!!! What’s your favorite Phantogram song or live memory of seeing the band?! Made in the Dark hasn’t had a chance of catching them live yet!  

IceCream Seducing (by BestVines)

Check out Grizzly Bear and Majical Cloudz at the Ritz Ybor tonight


Grizzly Bear
Majical Cloudz

@ The Ritz Ybor - Wednesday, June 19th!
Doors: 7PM

Get tickets!

Dear Made in the Dark crew,

….Thanks for sending the great shines of noise out to all us assorted, greasy-meat-faces everywhere….

Best, Julia!

Thanks Julia for the awesome postcard! That artwor should be our new logo!

Dmeatree twerking.

(Note: Twerking is very difficult.)


The Hood Internet’s “I’m A Flirt (Shoreline)” (R. Kelly vs. The Broken Social Scene)

Via Cokemachineglow

Watch R.Kelly get beat up in Down Low

Autechre & The Washing Mashine (by Kirill Bacherikov)

Brian McKnight If You’re Ready To Learn (Full Version) (by Lashuntrice Bradley)

WHY has music gone to a pit of garbage/fire? (by zombadude)

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